Every NBA Team’s Odds To Make The 2018/19 Playoffs

Tonight marks the start of the 2018/19 season and excitement is in the air. Yet, some teams have more to be excited for when it comes to expecting a postseason appearance. Here are the odds for each NBA team to make the playoffs (via the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook):

Playoff Odds

Atlanta Hawks +2000 -10000
Boston Celtics -10000 +2000
Brooklyn Nets +300 -4000
Charlotte Hornets +130 -150
Chicago Bulls +500 -700
Cleveland Cavaliers +350 -450
Dallas Mavericks +600 -900
Denver Nuggets -400 +300
Detroit Pistons -180 +150
Golden State Warriors -20000 +5000
Houston Rockets -10000 +2000
Indiana Pacers -1100 +700
LA Clippers +425 -600
Los Angeles Lakers -450 +350
Memphis Grizzlies +500 -700
Miami Heat -550 +400
Milwaukee Bucks -1600 +900
Minnesota Timberwolves +115 -135
New Orleans Pelicans -220 +180
New York Knicks +800 -1400
Oklahoma City Thunder -1000 +650
Orlando Magic +500 -700
Philadelphia 76ers -4000 +1400
Phoenix Suns +1100 -2500
Portland Trail Blazers +105 -120
Sacramento Kings +2000 -10000
San Antonio Spurs -140 +120
Toronto Raptors -5000 +1500
Utah Jazz -1100 +700
Washington Wizards -1000 +650

The NBA Becomes First League To Sign Deal With Official Betting Sponsor

The NBA announced today that they have reached an agreement with MGM that will give the gaming company rights to use league highlights, names, logos, and data, as well as market itself as the exclusive partner of the NBA and WNBA.

Commissioner Adam Silver was quick to add during the presser that the only thing exclusive about the deal is the MGM’s ability to say they are the partner of the league. The gaming company will not be the only one getting their highlights, data, etc.

The NBA is widely considered more progressive than most North American leagues, so the news of the partnership comes as no surprise.

Sportsbook Takes Two Bets On Nick Young To Win The NBA Finals MVP

The Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas has taken two bets on Nick Young, according to ESPN’s Ben Fawles. The odds: 5000-1.

Young made the playoffs for only the third time in his 12 year career this year and he hasn’t played exceptionally well this time around.

The shooting guard is sporting a 5.5 player efficiency rating over the 16 games (two starts) in which it took the Warriors to reach the NBA Finals. He scored just 2.9 points per game while making 35.0% of his shots from the field.

It would take an incredible sequence of events for this bet to pay off, but dreamers gonna dream…