Tom Brady Likely To Break Streak For Most Games Favored In A Row During 2018

Tom Brady will take the field against the Texans as the favorite for the 50th straight game in week 1. The last time he and the Patriots were underdogs heading into a contest was week 2 of 2015 against the Bills in a game where New England was +2. The Patriots ended up winning 40-32.

Over the last 50 games, including the playoffs, Brady is 40-10 overall, beating opponents by an average of 10.7 points per game, as Evan Abrams The Action Network relays. He’s thrown 107 passing touchdowns and only 22 interceptions during that streak.

Brady has gone 32-16-2 against the spread, covering the line by 2.4 points per game. If a bettor would have wagered $100 on each of his games, they would have made $1,563.

Only three teams have beat Brady twice during the streak: the Dolphins, Eagles, and Broncos. In fact, as Abrams notes, the NFC East is the only division to bettors have been able to make money wagering against Brady.

Kurt Warner holds the longest streak of being favored with 55 starts and Brady should break that this season, as he’s projected to be favored in every game leading up to the Pats week 15 matchup.

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